Digital Solutions & Consultancy

We strive to find new sustainable ways to apply information and communications technologies toward social, economic, and political development, with a particular emphasis on helping poor and marginalized people and communities. Our development services are tailored specifically to meet client requirements and development objectives of targeted societies.

Design & development of digital products

We have worked with Nordic development aid companies such as Indufor, Finnmap, Sweroad and Finnish Consulting Group designing and implementing projects and writing technical frameworks for proposals. We have over ten years of experience in digital development. We are specialized in solution development, technical proposal writing,  and have extensive skills in developing mobile applications, web based solutions and digital media.

Monitoring and evaluation

DigiDev has worked in the sectors of education, research, natural resource
management and development cooperation. We have implemented monitoring and evaluation environments for a wide range of uses, including  data collection systems for the Department of Forestry of Lao PDR and a mobile data collection system for the Eritrea institute of Technology.

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Data Collection

In Lao PDR we implemented centralized web-based solutions and web-services for achieving participatory approaches to sustainable forest management and provided technical support, knowledge management and training for the department of forestry staff in all provinces.

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